Curated experiences for women to connect meaningfully & create freely

the her-people experience

We aim to bring together women to do two things; connect & create. Meeting once a week for four weeks, explore various art classes while building meaningful connections with like-minded women. Taught by passionate artists and facilitated by women like you, we've designed an environment that fosters conversation, inspiration and authenticity. Connect with your people. Spend time creating. Together, we are the her-people experience.

I was looking for an opportunity to try new experiences and make new friends at the same time so I was really glad to find her-people. It forced me out of my comfort zone in a great way. It was exciting to meet new people that I wouldn't otherwise get a chance to. Rebecca & Elle are lovely hosts!

- Jean K.

her-people was a bright light during the month of February. Getting to connect with other women in a casual way gave me the motivation to get out of the house during a month of hibernation. All around, such a positive experience.

- Jen M.

her-people provides an avenue for women living busy, professional lives to unwind during the week in a comfortable, friendly and loving environment. It often felt like a supportive/therapeutic setting where like-minded women from different walks of life can connect and create a sense of community. 

- Mariam A.

After setting a goal of getting back in touch with my artistic side, her-people slid into my Instagram feed and I was sold. Would definitely recommend to any women looking to create more + connect with women in Toronto.

- Alicia P.

This was the cutest experience I've had in a while! I don't know a better word. A curated experience for women to gather around, do something creative, chat about life while drinking tea and eating chocolate. I looked forward to it each week.

- Gillian R.

Upcoming experiences: June 2019

Join us on Wednesdays or Thursdays in Downtown Toronto in June. Make meaningful connections with 15 like-minded women, while exploring Plants & Gardening, Candle Making & Essential Oil Rollerball Perfume DIY, Introduction to Flat Lay Photography (smartphone or DSLR) + a her-pages book club discussion. All supplies & materials included.


our story

"Our world is getting 'better' at connecting us and yet we're reporting feeling more disconnected than ever."

Frequently Asked Questions

can I sign up alone?

Yes! her-people experiences are designed for you to attend alone and leave with new group of meaningful connections. Of course, feel free to sign up with friends as well :)

how many people per her-people experience?

In our experience, we tend to bond more easily & comfortable with a smaller, cozier group so we limit each experience to 15 attendees.

do I need to bring anything with me?

We will provide all supplies and materials required, in addition to snacks and refreshments throughout the evening.

where can I find the schedule?

Please see the Upcoming Experiences page for a detailed breakdown for what you can expect from each her-people experience week-to-week.

what if I can't make each week?

We encourage you to try your best to make each week, but naturally, life happens and you may need to miss a class. If that happens, simply let us know in advance.


If you have more questions, please feel free to contact us at